The internet has become a part of most of our lives. You may not need a full time online specialist, but your company needs to be involved in the online process for success of your business. estimates that 3.2 billion people use social media on a daily basis. 



Important information is passed on from you, to your staff to your customers and training helps to ensure this happens effectively. Our specialists go beyond learning, curriculum design and classroom audits. We customized our services to fit your needs-fast.  



Life happens! At times, there is s need for a manager to step in and steady the ship during chaos, a buy out or some other form of transition. With our talented pool of multi-faceted Operation Managers, we can be dispatched to your location to start plugging those holes in less than 48 hours for as short or as long as you need!   



What's the difference between using and a staffing agency?

A recruiting firm or staffing agency usually charges more than we do and they are primarily focused on helping you find a long term or permanent hire. Also, we already have the pool of qualified candidates ready to start within 24-72 hours rather than having to interview and find someone hoping to leave their current job.

What are your fees?

We strive to customize your request based on level of experience and timeline. So, without knowing these, our specialist have ranged from U$ 500- 3,200 per month while another recent project was 82,000 dirhams..

What happens when my project requires work in a language other than English?

Consider it done! We currently have professionals with mother languages of Arabic, German and Spanish! Plus, we are always vetting new specialists in other languages; just tell us what you need. 

Doesn't it make more sense for me, a company "insider" or my HR Team to find and hire the right pers

Yes, it is always important that you and your team conduct the hiring especially when the employees is full time or will need to be working in your organization for a long time. Bid and Barter specializes in very quick turnarounds, short term and project to project when you need to get  the job done right away in the best way possible.

Can you outline the scope of work done by your consultants?

Bidandbarter and our consultants takes pride in designing customized, flexible, targeted solutions to provide optimal solutions for countless challenges.

Contact us today to add one of our  professionals on your team -fast!